If You Need A Letter of Recommendation

If you would like me to write a letter of recommendation for you, please note that I am not allowed to release any information on grades, GPA, etc. without your written consent.  This rule is because of federal FERPA rules, as indicated by these statements from the UConn FERPA policy site:

  • “Education Records or other Personally Identifiable Information (other than Directory Information, as described in Section D. below) may not be disclosed without the student’s prior written consent except in the following instances.” (see http://policy.uconn.edu/2011/05/24/ferpa-policy/)
  • DO NOT share information from student educational records, including grades or grade point averages, with parents or others outside the institution, including in letters of recommendation, without written permission from the student.” (see http://ferpa.uconn.edu/guidelines/)

So, before I can write you a letter of recommendation, I will need you to complete the release form here: http://ferpa.uconn.edu/forms/


when you deliver it to me, make sure you ALSO deliver the following, with it:

WHO should the letter of recommendation go to? (an address, email address, or link)

WHEN is it DUE? (make sure I have the date; then remind me about a week before)

WHAT is the letter FOR? ( an internship? job? fellowship? graduate school?)

WHY are you a GOOD CANDIDATE? (Give me your CV, an update on your activities, whatever you have that I can use to frame what I already know about you with specifics).